If you found this page by looking for Bernadette Noll, congratulations! You found me.

Maybe you found me because of my books… Slow Family Living, Make Stuff Together or Look at Us Now.

Maybe you found me because of the poem I wrote called “I Want To Age Like Sea Glass”, that went viral but was mostly attributed to “author unknown.”

Maybe you found me because of my work with Reduce Reuse Remake, which offers ideas for projects and building community through reuse.

Maybe you found me because you heard of a thing called Swag Lab, which offers an innovative, hands-on maker experience for meetings, conferences and events.

Or maybe you just stumbled here.

Either way, here I am. Send me a note if you like.


About bernadettenoll

Freelance writer living and working in Austin, TX. I have written on a variety of subjects including but not limited to: urban wildlife, artists, designers, family life, sustainable crafting, parenting, outdoors, camping, travel, real estate, technology, toys, life, death and the pursuit of happiness. I have written for many print and web publications both national and local.
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